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Social Media

Diploma of Social Media Marketing and Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing

Available at:

Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney City, Adelaide


1 year

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in designing, developing and refining digital media technologies as an independent information and communications technology (ICT) specialist or as part of a team


Percentage of graduates in the Social Media field who were satisfied with the training (Advanced Diploma).


Percentage of graduates in the Social Media field who started/expanded a business or who have a new job, more highly skilled work, a promotion or higher pay (Advanced Diploma).

Salary expectation

The middle of the range of salaries earned by graduates in the Social Media field starting their first ever full-time job after graduating (Advanced Diploma).

It provides the opportunity to work in new and emerging digital media technology areas, such as online, and interactive design and development, and with tools and equipment, such as software, Web 2 tools, technologies and mobile devices.