As a student and member of the My OzStudy Student Agency family, it is vitally important to us that you know and understand the scope of our work and the services we provide by becoming your student agency. Thus, please, we ask you to read this agreement carefully since by starting your process with My OzStudy Student Agency, you confirm that you accept and understand the following terms and conditions:

My OzStudy Student Agency is a student agency, professional, dynamic, honest and 100% committed to helping international students to pursue and achieve their dreams. Our mission is to create the best experience for all those who seek to expand their educational horizons in another country by accompanying them in the process, supporting them unconditionally and encouraging them to fulfill their life project by providing them with the necessary tools to do so. In order to fulfill our mission, we are focused on providing genuine, truthful and efficient support in each step of the process so that the student can fully enjoy their experience and obtain the best possible service at all times.

Our services are free for the student and focus on educational counseling, course analysis and selection, administrative support for enrollment in educational institutions, document collection and review, administrative support for student visa application and continuous support to all our students by making them feel part of a family and helping them resolve their concerns. However, it should be clarified that we are not responsible for the actions and decisions of third parties such as schools, colleges, universities, immigration department, Australian government, insurance companies and other business partners. Some of these decisions may be related to:

Price change on the amount of tuition decided by educational institutions.
Price change on the amount of the insurance policy decided by insurers.
Price change on the amount of the visa application decided by the Immigration Department.
Changes in schedules, cancellation of courses or closure of institutions.
Among others.



My OzStudy Student Agency is responsible for the use, safeguarding, treatment and protection of the personal data of its clients. The information and personal data collected by this means will be used to comply with the agreed obligations and commitments, meet the needs of the client through the services provided by the agency and keep the client informed of relevant news for their process.

Personal data will be used exclusively for the purposes indicated and will not be shared with any authority, company, organization or natural person other than My OzStudy Student Agency or the Australian Immigration Department, except with the prior written authorization of the client.

Personal data will be protected under strict administrative, technical and physical security measures which have been implemented in order to protect your information against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or treatment.



My OzStudy Student Agency is a student agency and as such we are permitted to provide the following services regarding your visa application:

Perform administrative work to collect information and prepare documentation for the visa application.
Notify a person that they must apply for a visa.
Transmit information produced by a third person without giving substantive comments or explanations.

Although we provide free administrative support with the registration and application of your visa, we are not authorized to provide immigration advice or assistance. For specific migration questions, we recommend that you contact the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIPB) (, the Canadian Government’s Department of Immigration ( or with a registered immigration agent.


What is an immigration agent?

Under section 276 of the Migration Act 1958 in Australia, an immigration agent is a person who provides immigration assistance and uses knowledge or experience in migration procedures to:

Help prepare a visa application.
Advise a visa applicant on their visa application.
Help prepare a document in relation to the sponsorship of an applicant or her sponsor.
Prepare procedures or represent applicants before a court or review authority.
Most immigration agents charge for their services and manage their own rate scheme according to the case and profile of the applicant.



The student understands and accepts that the offer letter is a contract between the student and the selected educational institution. The agency does not have the capacity, the responsibility or the right to make changes or modifications in any aspect of the offer letter once it has been signed by the student and delivered to the educational institution.
The terms and conditions of each of the educational institutions are binding and are the sole responsibility of the schools, colleges and universities that we represent. It is the student’s responsibility to read and clearly understand these terms and conditions prior to signing the offer letter. Part of its clauses include:
Penalty policies in case of not complying with the student’s obligations such as attendance, fulfillment of duties and payments agreed with educational institutions.
Penalty policies in case of cancellation or desire to leave the school.
Refund policies in case of denied visas, cancellations and / or changes.
My OzStudy Student Agency provides all the administrative information necessary for visa applications according to the information provided by the immigration department, Australian government, Canadian government and associated educational institutions. However, you are not responsible for the authorities’ decisions regarding your visa application. By using the My OzStudy Student Agency service, the student understands that this exercise does not guarantee obtaining a visa. For more information on the process, documentation and visas, we recommend that you continually consult the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIPB) of the Australian government ( or the Department of Immigration of the Canadian government (
The student accepts and acknowledges that she can pay her tuition and tuition within the established deadlines either directly to the educational institution or to My OzStudy Student Agency. In the event that the payment is managed through the agency, the student is responsible for sending the payment receipt to Once the receipt is received, My OzStudy Student Agency is required to process the payment to the educational institution.
The student accepts and acknowledges that, in the case of requesting a refund, My OzStudy Student Agency, in the exercise of its functions, will not charge any additional fee nor will it keep any amount of money corresponding to its management. However, the reimbursement with the educational institutions and insurers will be processed according to the terms and conditions of these institutions. My OzStudy Student Agency guides and supports the student in the refund and cancellation processes, however, it insists on the importance of reading and understanding the terms and conditions established by educational institutions and insurers prior to signing documents.


As additional student support services, My OzStudy Student Agency has commercial partners that offer services related to international education. However, My OzStudy Student Agency is not the provider or directly responsible for the following services:

Tuition and education.
Health insurance
Paid work subscriptions.
Mobile phone and data connections.
Bank account subscriptions.
Registered accountant services.
Immigration agent services.
Among others.
By contracting any of the above services, the student accepts the terms and conditions of each of the providers of these additional services including their cancellation policy and acknowledges that My OzStudy Student Agency does not retain any cancellation fee for these services.


By initiating your process with My OzStudy Student Agency, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted this student agreement and, with it, the scope of our work and the services we provide by becoming your student agency.


Thank you very much for your trust and welcome to the My OzStudy family!